Automate Timeline Dates (or Duration) based on Start Date & Completed Date

We have a Monday board for tracking our paid consulting engagements that can last anywhere from one week to upwards of six to seven weeks. One of our metrics for this offering include tracking the average completion time for certain engagements.

I would like to be able to have either the timeline or the duration column automated to populate once the Date Completed column is filled out. I am looking for the number of days between [Date Assigned] and [Date Completed] without needing to fill out the timeline or duration column manually.

Currently I set the timeline for those engagements manually by selecting the dates that line up with what was entered into Date Assigned and Date Completed columns and the duration is filled out automatically. Is there any way to automate the timeline column based on two other date columns? Or is someone familiar with a better way to track this?


Hello! have you tried using a formula:
DAYS({End Date},{Start Date})

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Hey Denise,

No I had not. I had not used the formula column much in the past. This worked great after tying it the appropriate columns. Thank you!

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