Automate Timeline Based on Start Date Column and Duration Using General Caster

Having trouble getting General Caster integration for setting timeline based on start date and duration days to work. I have used the formulas that we’re posted in other threads, but just keep getting error messages or just no updates. Any help or alternative solutions would be appreciated!

Hi Billy,

Here is an alternate solution:

SOLVED – How to Calculate Timeline values using Date and Duration Columns.

Unfortunately I’m not using timelines, just date columns. I have one set for Start Date, Due Date, and Completion Date. Do I need to be using a timeline for this to work?

Hi Billy,

Not necessarily but in your original message you mentioned “setting timeline”… So you want to fill in the Completion Date based on Start Date and Duration? What is the unit of Duration? Days, Hours?
If Days, in the Advanced Formula Booster, this will do the trick: