Shortest path to auto-populating a Timeline column

Without using one of the apps in the marketplace such as General Caster or Date to Timeline, I’m trying to auto-populate a timeline. The shortest path to doing so seems to be the following:

  1. Have a start date column and end date column entered by user
  2. Use formula to calculate workdays between those dates
  3. Add a numeric column for workdays where a user can input the # of days produced by the formula in step 2
  4. Go to Timeline Column, Settings, Connect with a Duration and connect the Timeline column to the numeric workdays column

This approach requires the user to enter start date, stop date, and # of workdays then the timeline automatically populates. Am I missing a faster/easier path to get there?

Hi @MatthewB - without the use of a 3rd party app, I don’t know of another way. General Caster does have a free tier.


Appreciate the quick response Mark. Thank you