Automatically populate Timeline based off of start date of project

Looking for an automation capability to put in a start date for a project and have the rest of the project’s timeline fill out automatically. For example, when we onboard new customers it is a 5 week process. Having a template where I put in a start date and different tasks’ Timelines automatically populate for Week 1 (due 7 days from start date), Week 2 (due 14 days from start date), Week 3 (due 21 days from start date), Week 4 (due 28 days from start date), or Week 5 (due 35 days from start date). So if we got a new customer starting on 5/16/22, I would put that in as the start date and we would want the template to fill out “Week 1” as 5/16/22 – 5/20/22, “Week 2” as 5/23/22 – 5/27/22, etc. for the Timeline.

This is a great idea - Monday please implement this!

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Yes, our organization would also use this feature. Please implement!