Add days to Due Date Column Automation

I’d like to set up an automation or integration that allows me to insert worktime/days into a numbers column, and then using dependencies, have a waterfall automation in place that adds that # column to the due date column.

This automation is close, but I’d like to push the date by the numbers column instead of a fixed amount.

Would this help you? I did something similar using General Caster, casting the date + number column to a new date.

Potentially it could look like

  • When an item is created
  • Then set Start Date to today

Then use the General Caster formula (copy & paste the formula)

  • When Start Date changes, perform formula (formula follows integration recipe) and cast result to Due Date

  • General Caster FORMULA RECIPE:
    TEXT(DATEVALUE({item’s Date}) + {item’s # days until Next Pay Period}, “YYYY-MM-DD”)

Hope this makes sense.