How to combine date column + number column to reflect in a Due date column?

So basically, is there a way to get the due date to result from date column + number (of days) in a separate column?

The date column will always vary but the numbers column will use a limited set of days (30, 45, 90, 120).

Any integrations or automations that are able to help with this?


Hi @Antonia ,

You can do this by creating “Mirror” column and “Formula” column.

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Hey @Antonia - I think the following stock automation should work for you:


Hope this helps!

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Thank you! The stock automation was exactly what was needed :wink:

This is great! Is there a way to add a condition that if the date lands on a weekend, that it then goes to the next business day?

Hi @mmulloy - you would likely need to utilize a 3rd party app to deal with this. General Caster works well for this using the NETWORKDAYS() function (it also allows you to specify public holidays as well).