Automation - Due date set to today + x days (from number column)

I’d like to offset the due dates by the numbers column to enable the team to track different reporting requirements on the same board.
Ideally, an automation for when an item is created, the due date can be set as today + x days (where the x pulls info from a numbers column).

Automations create new iterations of recurring tasks with x numbers defined by the recurrence of that task, e.g., weekly tasks set to 5 to allow 5 days to complete, monthly 28 days etc.


To my knowledge, there isn’t a native way to dynamically change the “+ # of days” automation number. Probably something that can be achieved through integration apps, but not prebuilt into Monday.

But if you have set variables, like Weekly(5 days) & Monthly(28 days) then you might be able to accomplish this another way:
-Change your numbers column to a Status with the preset
-Use an automation like “When status changes to weekly, set due date to today + x days” and you would just need an automation per Status in your column.

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Hi @jessie.stroud - Perhaps these automations will help? Video clip: Screen Recording 2021-02-16...

~ Deb Cinkus

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@PolishedGeek & @andrewalmand, I think I’ve gotten away with something similar to how you’ve both approached the problem:
I’ve got recurring tasks created by automation daily, weekly and monthly depending on the task. One automation per item into the appropriate reporting group.
(I wish there was a clone + adjust automation function… anyways I digress).
Two date columns: Date Created & Due Date.
One Status column: Recurrence (daily, weekly, monthly)
Second automation: Set Date Created & Due Date to today.
Third automation: When Date Created arrives and Recurrence is (weekly/monthly), push Due Date by x (4/28) days respectively.


Note: The push Due Date automation is set to the hour after the items created and dates set automations. Setting them simultaneously doesn’t push the dates back being created sand set - because simultaneous wouldn’t work).

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