Automation: Item Creation + Auto-Date (Date Plus Some Days)

I have two groups on a board whose naming convention is intended to identify frequency:

  • One-time
  • Recurring

I want to create a new item in the “Recurring” group every week and set a due date to 4 days from its creation date (e.g., an item created on Monday via automation is due the upcoming Friday).

Currently, this is not possible without creating superfluous columns/statuses to “hack” the constraint.

The following automation combination comes very close:

Every time period, create an Item

(automation options allow me to specify an item group)

“When an item is created, set due date to creation date plus some days

This does not work because the second automation triggers for ALL items on this board, which is not the desired effect since it’d change “One-time” items too.

Ideally, the following automation would exist:

“When an item is created in group, set due date to creation date plus some days”.

Stepping back and looking at the totality of automation flexibility, a more work intense but undoubtedly more powerful feature addition would be an option for ANY automation to apply to one specific group, as very few automations currently allow this without some sort of workaround.

Hey @Aaren thanks for sharing here! I think you are absolutely right, the ability to add any automation recipe to a specific group would definitely make things more flexible! We are in the process of working on the ability to add custom automation recipes, which will most likely allow you to stack multiple automations together as you indicated!

However, I do think we can create another workaround here that would allow you to achieve the same result via the combination of different automation recipes.

Step 1: "Every time period, create an item"

Here, I would recommend creating a new status label such as “Recurring”, and having the automation set to that one when it is created.

Step 2: "When a status changes to something, move item to group"

Step 3: When a status changes to something, set due date to current date plus some days"

Do you think this would work for you? Let me know any feedback or questions you may have!

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Yep! That automation suggestion will work just fine. Just wanted to throw my vote at additional automation flexibility, but it sounds like that’s already in the works.



You’re welcome! Happy to hear that will work :slight_smile: but yes we are in the works of creating those, be on the look out in the new year!