Item creation automation time-line column

I have configured a board that has recurring tasks on a weekly basis (every Monday).
This board has a timeline column with the from-date set to Monday and the to-date to Friday.
That is, the recurring task has an estimation of 5 days to be completed.

Said that, I need to setup an automation which creates a new item on a weekly basis (every Monday) AND set the timeline column value accordingly, that is starting on Monday of the current week and ending on Friday of the same week. At first, I started using the “Every Time Period, Create an Item automation”, but that doesn’t fulfill my needs because I’m not able to set the timeline field to the current week.

Automation regarding the time-line type column is on Mondays roadmap?
Anyone has an idea of how I could accomplish the automation I have described by other ways?

André Granville


Hi André,

Lisa here! We currently have an automation that can set a date column when a new line item is created. I’ve included the screenshot below! We don’t have this functionality for the timeline column as of yet. I’ve passed this feature request along to my product team :slight_smile:


Thank tou very much Elisa.

I’m aware of this automation associated to the date column.

Looking forward for updates on my feature request.

Best regards, Andre

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It’d be great if this automation could be brought into the every time period create an item automation.

I have many repeating weekly tasks that need to be done either the day the pulse is created or x # of days after creation. However, it all varies so cannot use a global due date creation automation. It’d be great if there was a way to make the due date column dynamic with use of the automations.

Hope that makes sense.

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Hi Krishele,

Absolutely! Would you be looking for account/ board date conditions based off the type of task? These conditions would then automatically adjust due dates accordingly when using the recurring item creation automation? This isn’t currently on the roadmap, but within the next two quarters are developers plan on making a lot of advancements to the automation feature :slight_smile: I’d be happy to pass along, and keep an eye out for all the great things to come.


Hi Lisa. I think that seems a bit too advanced for what I’m after. This is one of my repeating pulses on a board that has a Due Date column. When setting up the values for the pulse I can only choose a calendar date, which obviously isn’t helpful as time contines. :wink:

The automation you mentioned, set Due Date at x days after creation. It’d be great if that functionality was available in the pulse set-up instead of a standard calendar.

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