Automate variable value items


I’ve been a fan of Monday for years and use it daily. Yet I notice that some actions need to be improved and then I can also do better.

Every week I create the same item with the same deadline and content. I give it the name: ‘Name of item week 1’. The following week that is: ‘Name of item week 2’. The date of completion is always the same day of the week.

What I want:
I want the item to be created every Friday. With the date of the first Monday. (Example: I create an item today (Friday 6 Jan) with the date Monday 9 January). For next week that is: create Friday January 13 and set the date January 16.

In addition, I want the name to be unique with the number of the week on it (we create the item the Friday of the week before. So if we create it today, that will be week 2.) Example: ‘Name item week 1’ ‘Name item week 2’.

It works fine to create a simple automations. But with the variable items I get stuck.

Hey Patrick! Happy to offer some suggestions!

Bear with me, we’ll be building quite a few automation recipes for this! :joy:

First, you’re going to want to add two Date Columns: one for the current date the item is created, and one for the Monday date.

Then, you’re going to set up this automation recipe, “Every Friday, create item and set date to today”, from the following custom recipe:

Next, you will create this automation: “When date arrives, set date to today then push date by 3 days” and you will use the two different date columns to achieve this. The Monday date column will be the second and third date columns selected in this recipe. This way, the Monday date column will be set up with the Friday date, and then always moved by 3 days so that it lands on Monday.

The first automation creates an item every Friday and sets the date to the current date, which then triggers the second automation to set the second date column and then immediately move it by 3 days so that it is always the next Monday.

This is a bit clunky and obviously not the most straightforward workaround but could be helpful for setting up the process you’re looking for!

However, when using Item Default Values or a “create item” automation, the name won’t be able to vary each time so you will have to manually change the item name.

Let me know what you think!

Hi Charlotte, thanks for your help on Patrick’s question. I am trying to follow along and I see the recipe for “Every [time period] create item” but see no functionality for the crucial “and set date to today” component. I’m looking for a daily task to be created and automatically dated as due that day. What am I missing?