How to insert date field in item name when creating automatic item?

I have a list of items that have a date field. Id like to use automation to automatically create new items, and I’d like to use the date field to populate the new item name.

For example:
An item with a due date of 8/1/2022

When the automation is triggered I’d like to create a new item with the name “New item 8/1/2022”

Is this possible?

Hi Allan,

yes it is possible. Setup the API to create automaticly named items with (dynamic) variables as item name.
After setup the API - create the logic. Define trigger, read intervall and values of the item to create.
Done. :smiling_face:


Thanks! I only have experience with automations on the automations interface. I have never set up the API. Do you know where I can start to learn about setting up the API?

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Most of the Monday users dont use the api. But its very powerfull, easy to use and it has the possibility to bring your automations to the next level.

All you need stands here: GraphQL API
There are also some helpfull tipps/videos on youtube
Without programming skills it would be difficult at the beginning, im sure everyone can learn this api in hours.

hi @allannudelman

If you want the item name to populate with a date field on item creation, you need to have that date field populated at item creation (e.g. through a form). If that is the case this app can do that