Automation based on day of week

An automation to take an action on a specific day of the week is sorely needed. My team needs the ability to say “Every Sunday at 11PM change status to Pending Update”. We did this with Trello with a simple automation rule. Not being able to do this in Monday is resulting in moving our weekly status updates out of Monday and into PowerPoint. None of the workarounds available ensure that the status change happens consistently on the correct day.

Automations are great. However, there are some types of automations that are currently not possible, though they could be extremely helpful to my team were they to be implemented. These would be based on days of the week, rather than specific dates. Say, for example, that we have a recurring task that comes up every 2nd Friday of the month. It would be great to have a recurring automation for this, though it is currently not possible, and a member of our team must remember to keep resetting or making this item.

Another automation with a similar idea which is also not possible with the current system would be something like this: A recurring task that is created every week on Monday morning, with a deadline of that Friday. Currently, it is possible to have automate a task being created every Monday, but it is not possible to automate the deadline to always be set to the upcoming Friday. One has to go in to do this manually, and we already know on our team that we will forget to set this manually at some point and then the task will fall off of our radar for the week.

Hey @aqlex239

Thanks for sharing your needs for automations.

Firstly, I want to let you know that we’re now stopping the creation of pre-defined recipes and instead will work on dynamic automations so that you can create your own flows with any triggers and actions available.

Whilst I can’t promise the date based automation will be released, I will pass along this feedback as I’ve seen others request the same.

With regards to the 2nd automation, I do believe you could use a combination whereby you create the items with the recurring task automation on Mondays and then use this automation to set the due date as creation date plus 4 days i.e. Friday:

Would that maybe help?

The second part is something I’ve asked about too. Is there any thoughts to move this due date based on creation part of the item creation automation? I’d like to use that for our automations that make weekly tasks but don’t need it to effect ALL pulses created. Also, some tasks require a due date in 2 days or 4 days, etc.

@Krishele I use Monday for email marketing and have a similar time frame that you are talking about. If you can find my post for using for email marketing you can see how I set up my board based on this need. Hopefully, that will help you out!

Here is a link to the topic: Using for Email Marketing

Thanks for sharing @Lobster. I see how that would work. However, your dates are being pushed because of a group change. I’m after dates being set when something is created, regardless of what group it is created in.

Thank you for pointing out that automation, as I had not noticed that one before. However, this looks like it would apply to ALL new items created, which is not what I need. I only have 1 or 2 items that would work this way, and the majority of them require custom due dates.

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