Need Help With Intigration

I need this to flow. I have spent almost 30 hours between reaching out to so said tech support playing email tag, attempting to create the main template to duplicate to smooth the process of the platform and I will say I have spent more time trying to utilize even the simplest features vs actually getting my job done. :confused: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You can see in the screenshot what needs to happen but I will elaborate a little bit more. When she puts her status to “Done”, I need that task in the submenu to pull down to the done section then replicate that same task with a due date a week out. How in God’s name do you do this? Creating recipes only allow for two functions almost similar to IFTTT platform so that has become useless for me. @MondaySteve @MondayInGeorgia @Monday @mondaydapulse @mondayforlife

For me it sounds weird, because you need 3 Function and that is more than Possible,

but i don´t now how it works in the Subitems because i think this is still in the Test Version and i don´t work with it.

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I only created subitems because it removed the time tracker off of each one of the task. When adding time tracking, it should only need to be at the top of the board, not mandaorily put on each task. That is another gripe for another day.

While the concept of Monday is good, it is becoming seeming more not a good fit. Enough of me being off topic, I just want this to work and if it can not, I will have to dig and see if another platform offers a similar functionality.

Maybe this can Help. But it depends where you want the new Task.

Point 1 Move when Status DONE:
When Status change to Done, move item to Done Element (Sectiuon)

Point 2 When Status Done creat new Item:

When Status change to Done, create a Item in Board

Point 3. When ne item is created generate set due Date: When an Item is created, set due Date to creation ( currient) Date plus some days

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I have created the automation as you suggested. I will report back if this has in fact worked. I appreciate your response more than you know. Thank you.

Hi, Ryan,

For more complex scenarios involving more steps (like move to group, create item, set other statuses, etc) I use webhooks integration and do all the steps in an Integromat scenario. Subitems are not supported yet in any form of automation, remember that subitems are in Beta stage.

Hey there! thanks for this great elaborated screenshot. I understand what you are trying to achieve, however, as subitems are currently still in beta, we do not yet support automations.
You can check out our announcement here where we mentioned the missing capabilities: Its finally here....Subitems Alpha Release!

As always, we want to be totally transparent and share with you where we’re taking this feature. So we added a link to our plan where you can keep up with our subitems roadmap here !