Recipe help: create multiple items based on status?

I am trying to create an automation recipe that will create an item for each person on a certain team when the status of another item is set to “feedback needed.” This is so each person has a task in their My Week to let them know that they need to review a document and the tasks are separate so each person can mark their review as done when they’re finished. Any help would be appreciated! Including a way other than recipes to accomplish this.

Thank you!

Hi @caseyparnis, Casey,

The only way to create these kind of recipes is through the use of Integromat. I build these kind of recipes very often and am currently engaging with another monday power user (@PedroM) to setup a platform / webshop to automate the distribution of these kind of complex recipes.

I understand that you want to create a new items (one for each person mentioned in column when you change a certain to (e.g. feedback needed). This can be done by sending a webhook to Integromat and within Integromat find the people in the column and create an item where that person is assigned to. Do you want that in the same board and group?

Send me a PM if you are interested.


Hi @basdebruin, I’m sending you a PM!