Do I need multiple Conditional Automations?

Hi All!

We currently have an automation to create an item on a different board when multiple status conditions are met.

The item creation automation is set as:

When Conditional status dropdown 3 changes to true
And only if conditional status 1 is true
And only if conditional status 2 is true
Then create an item in another board

We did not account for people to update the statuses to TRUE in different orders than 3 being last and fear items won’t be created in those cases. Is Monday strict about order of these conditions?

Example: When Conditional status 2 changes to true
And only if conditional status 1 is true
And only if conditional status 3 is true
Then create an item in another board
Will this example only happen if we write this automation or will it be captured within the first automation in my post?

In other words, Is it true that I have to write an automation for each order of events of the statuses being changed to 3?

Or is there a better way ?

I’m also aware that there’s the risk of duplicates if people change statuses and I have a duplicate chart to track these on the receiving board since I’m not aware of a way to prevent duplicates.

Thanks for your expertise!

It is only the first line of the trigger that causes evaluation of the conditions.

If your goal is once all three are true, to create the item, regardless of order they are set to true - you will need one automation for EACH of the three, with conditions for the other two.

As far as duplicates - create a FOURTH status that is “allow item creation” and default it to true (board default values). Make this a FOURTH condition in the recipes (and only if allow item creation is true).

Then when the “create an item in another board” runs, follow it in the recipe with “change allow item creation to false”

This way, once the item is created, a status is set on the item that will now always be FALSE and prevent the recipes from running again unless its explicitly set back.

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Thanks so much Cody!

I’m a little bummed that I have to create automations for each order, especially as my team has wish lists for longer and longer conditions not knowing what they entail!

Brilliant solution to the duplicate issue!

They are actively working on improving automations, esp. with the workflow builder tool that is coming Our new workflow builder is coming and we are looking for 'Alpha' users!

I am not 100% sure to what degree that may solve your issues though. But thought I’d at least give you hope that better things may come (but possibly at a price).