Our new workflow builder is coming and we are looking for 'Alpha' users!

Attention Community Members: Our new workflow builder is coming and we are looking for early adopters users for our ‘Alpha’ version.

The workflow builder is the new generation of how users will build automations in monday.com in a more flexible, robust, and visual way.
Want to become Alpha users before it is released to everyone?!

**Watch the video below and fill out this form.

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This looks awesome!! :clap:

Signed up! Looking forward to condition paths.


Signed up and eager to try out!

@briannastoryfile potentially something we want to test?

This looks amazing! Hoping to be one of the first to try it out. :raised_hands:

Ooooh yes please!!!

I would like Alpha access as well!

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Filled out form and would love to test this :+1:t2:

This is awesome. Looking forward to this.

Excited! I think this resolves two of my open feature requests…OR’s in Automations and a better way to visualize automations, I had suggested folders to categorize them but I think this Workflow Builder is even better than my asks.

Is the signup for individual users, or would it put our whole company in Alpha tester status?

This all looks great, but first need a lighter faster app and full offline and background upload.
Let’s make it work better, then add the cherry on top, not the other way around.

cannot wait for this

Signed up! As a monday.com guru in my previous role, I am super excited to be back to using monday.com and trying out all of it’s features.

Yes please to being a tester. We are not yet using this feature but it’s something on our optimisation list.

Looks amazing. Looking forward to alpha testing

Yes Please would love to join

Any ideas when ‘Alpha’ release is happening? Did I not make the cut?