Is Monday the right platform for my company?

Dear team
At this point I’m really wondering how much of an interest you have in tackling some of the communities requests, since you are giving away teslas to developers. The add ons in Monday are mostly quite expensive, wouldn’t you cut an income stream by providing in house solutions?

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Curious, what percentage of the sale of those add-ons do you think is keeping?

IDK but they definitely take a share…

Indeed YDK :slight_smile: but let me “educate” you on this one. is not taking anything from 3rd party developers.

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@basdebruin :bell: :bell: :bell: and most of the 3rd-party developers aren’t big businesses either.

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Now to put the acrimony behind us.

One of the major reasons you haven’t seen a lot of action on the community requests is behind the scenes, has been building and implementing a much more capable database called mondayDB. JUST ANNOUNCED: mondayDB rolled out to all over 186,000 customers

Another critical step is a new workflow builder that allows complex workflows Our new workflow builder is coming and we are looking for 'Alpha' users!

The new workflow builder is going to solve a number of the community requests.

The takeaway is right now, is changing underlying technology to enable those community requests to happen. These changes are critical to making the platform performant - without them, adding more features would have resulted in a lot of complexity and exponential harm to platform performance.

mondayDB is in production, right now they are filling in gaps that will let you do things like use formulas in automations, or support even larger boards.

Did you know today, the value of every formula is calculated by your browser on your computer then displayed? it doesn’t exist anywhere in the monday databases. That’s why virtually nothing is able to use a formula column - it’s values only exist on your screen. (This is changing).


This is what I’ve noticed as well - they seem to be focused on improving their infrastructure. Suspect they experienced some startling growth (a good thing!) and are making sure they can handle the updates to come. I’d be more concerned about a minimum of updates in a year when they’re not focusing on making the entire system more powerful.

Very true, and knowing roughly what the database was before, its actually amazing they scaled to what they did. But the original database didn’t give them the ability to slice and dice data in any way they wanted for new features - at least in a performant way.

If the platform was lacking that much robustness, maybe the price should reflect the (lack of) quality. I think this is the only database in the world that doesn’t let you do a full search, and the only app I’ve ever had that doesn’t have an undo function.

I can name dozens of web apps with no undo function. And several multi-thousand dollar enterprise desktop apps that lack it - for the very same reason. When you create custom workflows that trigger changes it becomes nearly impossible to undo all of the changes across multiple entities. If you change something and trigger automations, do you want it to undo all of the automations too, I assume so. What happens to integrated third-party systems, how do you undo the changes to those?

I think you can find the answer by trying. Nobody knows the inside of your business better than you. However, even if you try, you won’t lose a huge amount of money, so go for it! I don’t have a business, but I use this app for many of my uni projects, and it’s perfect.

I think that’s an edge case but it’s still doable. Either prevent undo if third party integrations are present, or inform the user that undo will not work fully. It’s still better than no undo.

Anyway, while I think my criticism is warranted, I voiced it too harshly and that’s not constructive.