Poor Github integration vs competitors

Hello there,

I am the Monday.com “champion” within the company I work for so I try to find a way to justify Monday.com and take the best out of it anytime it can be used.

Unfortunately I did not manage to convince the Dev team. They were half convinced by Monday.com for using SCRUM framework (this is another topic!) but they were definitely not convinced by the Github integration.

In short, the feedback from the dev team is that getting github info into Monday.com is barely OK but going from Monday.com to Github is almost inexistent. FYI, we chose Zenhub over Monday.com to deal with Product development using SCRUM methodology and sync with Github.

I am sure your dev team we’ll have plenty of ideas on how to improve the Github integration :wink: And do not take me wrong, I love Monday.com and I am one of your fervent advocate!


Hey @Arnaud! Thanks so much for your feedback, I’ve gone ahead and passed this onto our product and R&D teams who are working on integrations. We appreciate you sharing and hope to see some changes implemented with Github going forward upon review. If you have any other ideas or specifics, do let us know!


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