GitLab Integration Limited to Personal Repositories

We were excited to see that offers an integration to GitLab. We soon learned that the integration is limited to personal repositories. This seems to be a significant shortcoming in that I would think most users in are working in a corporate setting where their repositories are in a GitLab group for the company.

Are there any near-term plans to enhance this integration to connect to GitLab group repositories?

Hi @rifa! Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding Gitlab! Correct, at the moment you’re only able to connect to personal repositories as opposed to group ones. Currently, there are not plans to support this but I would love to hear a bit more how this would benefit from you and hope to also hear from other users here as well on this request. Cheers!

Hi @lauralev,

Only admin users can configure integrations, so that means a board can only be ever integrated with a personal repositories of an admin user. That is a severe limitation. As I mentioned in my original post, business environments are more likely to be contributing to repositories in a group related to their company, and as an admin user in, I want to configure the integration with a project for my company as opposed to personally owned projects.


Same problem here, all our projet are in Gitlab group for the company and we are unable to link them to monday.


There are a large number of reasons why you would use groups in GitLab:

Any well organized software engineering shop should group their projects, and it’s currently a big limitation for us that doesn’t support projects that are organized this way. Is there an opportunity for community development here?


Agreed with all the above, all our company source code is organized in groups. Only being able to sync with personal projects in effect makes the gitlab integration useless in a corporate setting.

Any news on the development status on this issue?


@mscno Thanks for following up on this! I see the interest in the community about this functionality is becoming stronger.

There is no update on our integration backlog regarding this issue. I will follow-up with the integrations team and communicate this need to them but we will not be able to offer an estimated timeline as to when this may be done if they decide to move forward with the feedback.

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Why would Monday work on a Gitlab integration that works only with Personal repositories makes very little sense to me.

Would you at least share the work that you have done -the personal repository integration- with the dev community so that we can expand it to include group repositories. I think this would be helpful.


Hi @alejandro

Thanks for sharing this! I see how publishing the work we have done with this integration in the dev community could help other users expand the functionalities of this integration. I have forwarded this thought to our integrations team for consideration.


Hello, we’re currently looking for a managing app, and we’re hesitating between Monday and Asana. If it was possible to connect our private gitlab repository to our Monday board we would jump in and take Monday any time over Asana.

It’s a big plus for any IT company to be able to sync those two tools.


This is a feature that our company needs. Would be nice to know if it will be available in the near future!


after upgrading the account, and spent time on creating form and trying to integrate with GitLab, and it only shows personal account without any group. It is ridiculous not support group in GitLab. In my point of view if you are not integrating with GitLab’s group, you are basically not integrating with GitLab, which is a cheat saying so. A big disappointment and I now need to seek alternative to do so.


Hi, same question here.
Do you plan to integrate with Gitlab group repositories soon ?

I subscribed to a free trial today. I was convinced until I tried to connect a gitlab repo…
Integration with github organisations is very good. I don’t understand why you didn’t do the same with gitlab ? Is it due to a limitation of gitlab ?


Hey there! While may not integrate group repositories, integration platforms, like Unito, do integrate group repositories between + Gitlab! That way you can have your teams still collaborate across both platforms. Here’s a page that might have more information. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Sorry, that does not help. It makes no sense for to build an integration which is essentially useless for any organization. This integration seems very poorly thought out, or whoever had to implement it dediced to cut corners.

We are currently doing a trial of and as lead developer, this means from my team it’s a “No” to


Has there been an update on this topic, or anything the team can share on the development ?

Hi Jilian, do you have a more in depth example of how to set this up to sync gitlab issues to

Hey @Adriaan, I think the easiest way would be to contact so someone on our team could walk you through it! We don’t have any written in depth examples of this set up, but I will bring this up to the content team. :slight_smile:

I’d like to echo the support above. This is a dealbreaker.

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Personal repos are not the ones you would like to be managed using, rendering monday’s current Gitlab integration rather useless. Any plans to resolve this?