GitLab Integration Limited to Personal Repositories

We were excited to see that offers an integration to GitLab. We soon learned that the integration is limited to personal repositories. This seems to be a significant shortcoming in that I would think most users in are working in a corporate setting where their repositories are in a GitLab group for the company.

Are there any near-term plans to enhance this integration to connect to GitLab group repositories?

Hi @rifa! Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding Gitlab! Correct, at the moment you’re only able to connect to personal repositories as opposed to group ones. Currently, there are not plans to support this but I would love to hear a bit more how this would benefit from you and hope to also hear from other users here as well on this request. Cheers!

Hi @lauraglev,

Only admin users can configure integrations, so that means a board can only be ever integrated with a personal repositories of an admin user. That is a severe limitation. As I mentioned in my original post, business environments are more likely to be contributing to repositories in a group related to their company, and as an admin user in, I want to configure the integration with a project for my company as opposed to personally owned projects.

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Same problem here, all our projet are in Gitlab group for the company and we are unable to link them to monday.

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There are a large number of reasons why you would use groups in GitLab:

Any well organized software engineering shop should group their projects, and it’s currently a big limitation for us that doesn’t support projects that are organized this way. Is there an opportunity for community development here?

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