GitLab Integration Limited to Personal Repositories

I received a personal message stating that

“At the moment, the Gitlab integration only supports personal projects. Meaning, you’re unable to integrate projects from groups. In full transparency, we likely will not be building on or adding to this integration so I would love to share some alternative options with you!”

I don’t understand why this is the case, as there is clearly a need. The alternative options stated are similar as the ones known, with a very hard to implement Zapier workaround. If this is technically not possible, please state so.

Hi all!

We’ve recently added a new - GitLab integration in the marketplace which basically solves the problem of being limited to personal repositories.

See our thread in the app announcements: New GitLab integration!

Hope to get in contact with you soon!

@EBeer I am trying to use this GitLab integration, and it still does not allow me to select repositories for my organization. It is only showing personal repositories. Did i choose the wrong app?

[edit] Looks like I was looking in the wrong place… I found the link here: Apps Marketplace

@BenDavis Hi Ben, did you manage to connect your organizations repositories?
Otherwise, feel free to contact us as

We have 20 seats account and we are about to cancel our subscription due to this problem. @CSG

Hi @Hanan,
Our app GitLab integration: Apps Marketplace solves this problem.
You can check it out in the marketplace!