New Gitlab integration!

Hi community!

We are happy to announce a new integration between and GitLab. This GitLab integration allows you to retrieve both private and group repositories. Improve team collaboration between your business and developer teams by working more efficient!

As of now, the app includes the following recipes:

  • When an item is created in, create an issue in GitLab
  • When a status is changed in, update an issue in GitLab
  • When an issue is created in this GitLab project, create an item and sync future changes from GitLab
  • When a commit of this GitLab project is pushed to this branch, create an item
  • When a commit of this GitLab project is pushed to this branch, create an update in this item

About us

Avisi apps is part of Avisi, we’ve recently become a partner of We believe in the best tooling to support software developments teams and like to fill gaps in tooling.

How to send us feedback:

We’re are always open for suggestions/improvements. Feel free to raise questions about the integration via or apply in our support portal.

Read our documentation or install the app directly from the marketplace!


Hey @EBeer :wave:

Thank you so much for sharing the app, and I hope the community likes using it! Also, my warmest welcome to the community forums, I hope your stay here is pleasant and informative :slight_smile: Great first post for sure!


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Thank you for this integration! We have been working on a way to sync our and projects, and this is great timing.

After installing it and testing on a new board, I noticed that changing the name or description of an Issue in Gitlab creates a duplicate/new task in Monday. I’ll submit a ticket on the Avisi support portal

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Hi Hayden,
Great to hear that our timing suits your needs.
I’ve seen the ticket you created and my colleague has responded to you already.
Let’s stay in contact :slight_smile:

@EBeer I’m trying to use this integration, and after selecting a workspace and a board, I see no integrations added:

Hi @BenDavis, can you please hand in a support request at Avisi Support?