Robust, two-way integration with Jira Cloud

Hello everyone!
We are excited to share some fantastic news with you. As a Platinum Partner of monday, Deviniti has been diligently developing dedicated apps for some time now.
Introducing our latest product, Issue Sync - synchronization for Jira and monday!

This amazing tool allows you to seamlessly connect your Jira Cloud instance with your monday instance. Say goodbye to the dilemma of choosing between tools because now you can use both simultaneously! With Issue Sync, you can integrate a selected Jira Cloud instance with a chosen monday instance (point-to-point). Let’s make your Mondays even more productive and enjoyable!

Check out the incredible features of Issue Sync:

:point_right: Whenever a request is created in Jira, an equivalent request is automatically generated in monday, and vice versa.

:point_right: In addition to generating notifications, you can also copy important information such as field values, statuses, and comments from Jira to monday.

The combination of Jira and monday is perfect for seamless collaboration with clients or partners who use different tools. It ensures that you stay up to date on joint projects. Additionally, it greatly facilitates cross-departmental collaboration within organizations where individual teams prefer using monday and want easy access to information stored in Jira.

What sets our product apart is that the admin of each instance has complete control over the synchronized data :white_check_mark:

See for yourself and download the application from both Marketplace and Atlassian Marketplace