Introducing: Jira & Salesforce Integrations | Two-Way Syncing!

Hey wonderful users!

We’ve got some really exciting news to share with you!

After your thoughtful and amazing feedback regarding both our Jira and Salesforce Integrations, we’re very excited to share that we’ve just released a new feature that allows for a two-way sync for both Jira and Salesforce!

For Salesforce, we’d like to introduce this new recipe:

This new recipe will allow you to create or update any object in Salesforce, whenever an item is created or updated on’s side.

You’ll now be able to decide whether you’d like a full two way sync and have the option to map the same item fields in both directions. All you have to do is combine the new recipe with our existing recipe which syncs information from Salesforce to,

Note: The Salesforce Integration is only available on our Enterprise Plan.

Similarly, for Jira, we’d like to introduce this new recipe:

This will allow you to map data from to Jira, and when used in conjunction with our existing recipe, you can have a similar two-way sync:

Your feedback matters, so we’d love to hear any suggestions or comments you have regarding this new two-way sync! If you could please fill out this form, we will be using your feedback to enhance and improve the newly released sync!

Great news! Does this also apply to Jira on-premise?

Which versions of Salesforce will this work with?

Last I heard @andhikatj, the official JIRA integration only works with JIRA cloud. We too use JIRA server / on-premise, and currently use Zapier for our integration between the two systems.

Any have the mondaycom and jira integration working. I cannot find any boards when but the connection is made so no way to activate it till I connect a board and item.

Hey @andhikatj!

To confirm, this only applies to the Jira Cloud Integration and we’re currently looking into to developing this for Jira Prem, in the near future!