Jira/Monday integration

A client I’m working with is using both Monday and Jira and has heard that there might be a product that integrates both. I got a blank over at Atlassian. Do you know of anything?

Hey Jim @jpas1954

there are some native JIRA integrations supported within monday.com. All thats required is both a monday account and a JIRA account.

If you need additional or more complicated/custom integrations between monday and JIRA that are not shown below I recommend Integromat as a tool which you can build (or hire to build) custom / complex integrations.


You are definitely the man. This is the same customer we’ve chatted about. I’ve cautioned them about going too far too fast. Let’s get Monday working and then we’ll worry about Jira.

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I’m in a chicken or egg situation. Their Monday install is so basic that I have to agree to two-week trial periods just to do anything at all. When I try to add more than one project to a dashboard, it says I can only add one. How can I be expected to convince them to go with Monday if they can’t try before upgrading?

Hey @jpas1954 , Michaela from Integromat here :wave:

I just wanted to step in and suggest Integromat as a tool to connect your Jira and monday but I see that @timlittletech has already done that, hahah.

Anyway, since I’m here, I’d like to share the links to both monday and Jira on Integromat so that you can potentially check out the current features of the integrations (i.e. triggers, actions and pre-made templates) :nerd_face:

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Sure. Currently we are crawling along trying to establish Monday. Once done, (probably) on to integration. But we are not there yet, not by half.


Sure thing, consider this potential reference material for the future :sweat_smile:
Anyway, good luck with all of this!