JIRA Server Integration via Integromat on Monday Pro Plan


We are looking for a way to integrate JIRA Server with Monday Professional, using Integromat.
Monday Enterprise comes with a direct integration, however it is too costly for us as a small business.

Does anyone have experience in this and is able to share advice? We’ve come across the below article but are unable to follow it through.

Many thanks


The monday/JIRA integration does make things a lot simpler. But, there is nothing magic about it. In fact some of the limitations (such as: custom fields, labels, next-gen projects, comments, deletes, moves) that are still in the current implementation can be avoided by going the Integromat route.

If you are looking for simple JIRA to monday integration, all that is needed is to setup a webhook in JIRA that calls your Integromat scenario when a project is updated and updates monday.

Things can get significantly more complicated with comments, deletes, moves and updating JIRA from monday (especially the status). But, all are “doable”.

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Agree with @JCorrell - You can do everything you need to with Integromat! But you’ll need to feel comfortable with Integromat and have a solid understanding of what you want to have happen when data in monday․com and JIRA changes.

Thank you both.

What I want to achieve is pretty simple from a non-technical view. I simply want to link a JIRA issue to a line item / activity in Monday. I want the Monday board to display the JIRA issue title and status, perhaps also a custom field to show the team that is assigned to an issue.

What guidance have you followed in the past? We’ve got an expert for Integromat, so I am not concerned about that. But our team that manages JIRA has an issue with creating the webhook. As a result, they’re saying “It’s a no-go, give up.” So I am looking for dummy proof guidance, unless you believe the article I shared above is the most suitable. There is a section in there sayin ’ Creating a webhook in JIRA’. At best, as a non-techy I can try this myself.

Many thanks, Katja

If your JIRA team is not okay with having a webhook created, I think you’re stuck. The way the monday/JIRA integrations work, is that it creates a webhook. It just does it when you create the integration automatically.

If the situation is that the JIRA team just doesn’t want to DO it, as long as you have the required JIRA authority, you can do it. It’s a little techinical. But, not too bad.

I have not personally used the Watch Issues JIRA module in Integromat. But, this is another way to automatically create the required webhook in JIRA. Again, you would still need the required JIRA authority to create the webhook.

The document link you provided seems to give all the information needed for the JIRA side. Your Integromat person should be able to take it from there. The monday side should be no problem.


I’ll give it a go and revert with some questions if I get stuck. Thank you Jim.


Absolutely. Good luck! Let us know if you get it working too.

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