New JIRA integration seems broken / a step back

Has anyone else tried playing around w/ the new JIRA connector app? It seems honestly a step back from before somehow.

A few reasons below:

  1. I can no longer automatically have an item populate within a specific group within a board. So before if you want to populate say a “Development and Testing” group for a specific project you no longer can.

  2. You are now forced to select a specific issue type from JIRA, no longer can you select All. Which means setting up multiple integrations for stories, spikes, etc. which is unnecessary overhead.

  3. The integration itself seems buggy. You update an item in JIRA, the integration activity log says successful, nothing shows up on your board.

If they’re truly deprecating the existing connector this will be a nightmare. Has anyone had any luck with the new connector yet?


it doesn’t support subtasks as well. have you figured out how to best use this?

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The 2 issues here have been highlighted and I completely agree -

  1. You need to create an integration recipe for each issue type you have on the Jira project, before you could just select issue(any) and it was all good.
  2. Why are subtasks not supported??? (Aghhhhh)

If anyone finds any solution to this, HMU!
Monday team please just let us choose issue(any)…

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this completely ruined one of the main reasons we chose PLEASE FIX THIS MONDAY
I’ve spend thousands of dollars and 100s of hours to be now wasted

I wonder if they did that because they want to sell this other product of theirs: