Bug: After deleting Jira-Monday recipe linked to Jira project, I cannot re-add recipe linking to that project

Hi all, new Monday user here, trialing the Jira-Monday integration to see if it can fit my needs.

I seem to have run into an issue with the Jira integration (the new one, not the deprecated one).

I used the standard Jira recipe and linked to my project, which we’ll call “Project X” for now. I triggered the integration and everything synced as I had hoped it would.

I then cloned my automation and changed the project, so I would have both “Project X” and “Project Y” syncing to my board.

Everything was working fine, until updates for Project X stopped coming through. I could not figure out what was causing the issue. So in a final act of troubleshooting, I figured I would DELETE and then RECREATE the recipe linking Project X to the board, hoping that would solve the problem.

This is where the bug comes in. When I try to either a) clone my existing recipe and swap the project from Y to X, or b) re-create the recipe from scratch, I get the same exact error via pop-up:

You can create only 1 integration per Jira project and issue type on the same board.

But here’s the bug: I don’t have an integration set up against Project X because I deleted it! So why am I being blocked from making a new one? Is there a secret recycle bin just for automations which I haven’t discovered? I looked in the standard recycle bin and it’s not there.

Does anyone have any insight or advice regarding this?
I’m now faced with the task of having to re-create everything on a new board since I cannot link to Project X according to this weird system oversight. :frowning:

Hi Kristen,

You should contact support about this. They’ll be able to look at your account and see what is wrong.

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I’m having the same problem all of a sudden. I’ve been using this integration for months and now when I’m setting up some new stuff, I’m running into this problem. If they can’t get all of the bugs worked out of this thing, I’m just going to use make.com for the integration. It’s been a life saver with Monday’s shortcomings!

To address the issue with your Jira-Monday integration, we can tackle this by ensuring your automation recipes are set up correctly and without conflicts. Here’s the plan:

  1. Verify Integration Limits: Monday.com allows only one integration per Jira project and issue type per board. This means you cannot duplicate the same setup for a different project within the same board.
  2. Troubleshoot and Optimize: Instead of deleting and recreating the recipe, we’ll identify any remnants or hidden settings blocking the new integration for “Project X.”
  3. Alternative Board Setup: If all else fails, creating a separate board for each project might be a feasible solution, allowing independent and conflict-free integrations.