Pre-existing JIRA Integration

Hello Team,

I am working on creating a project tracker/dashboard for a project that currently resides in JIRA, however I seem to have run into an issue. Any pre-existing objects in JIRA (Tasks, Epics, etc.) cannot be pulled into – It looks like they must be recreated using this integration:


Am I missing some functionality or is this the current process? The use cases do drop sharply now if this is the case as most of the projects we wish to track have been already created in JIRA.

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Hey @Connor_Ramm,

Thanks so much for writing in about this! You’re correct that this integration will only work for issues created moving forward (and will not work on issues that have already been created). The best way to set this up now would be to recreate those issue. Feel free to write in to for help brainstorming ways to improve this process! We’d also be happy to take your feedback there and pass it along to our product team.

Hi Connor, I came up against the same limitation for a similar problem so I used a Post Function with the JIRA add-on ScriptRunner to perform an API call that creates a pulse when a particular state change occurs (see details - Using the API to create a pulse with JIRA ticket details from a JIRA state change)

I know this means you’d have to do a state change to get them in so if that’s not appropriate then there’s a script testing console that you could use to get the items you want (using JQL) then call create_item for each result them. I’ve seen looping examples in Groovy script whilst searching but not done that myself yet.

btw - ScriptRunner has a free trial but then is $5/month

hope that helps

For bringing pre-existing Jira issues to Monday, all you need to do is a small update on the issues. The issues start showing up after the update.