New monday Service product for your Ticketing workflows!

Hi community!

Valerie from here :slight_smile:

We are excited to announce the release of the brand new monday Service product that is dedicated to improving how you manage your ticketing workflows!

From IT support to Creative requests and anything in between, if your team needs to capture external requests and effectively communicate with the customers directly from your monday board, this one is for you!

See the sneak peak of the product in the video below and sign up to be part of the Alpha group via this form: Alpha-group Sign Up Form


Thanks for sharing Valerie! This is huge :raised_hands:

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This is a great news!
We’ve been waiting a long time for this :slight_smile:

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This really couldnt have come at a better time. We would love to be a part of the Alpha.

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When, and how much?

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More on this to come soon! :slight_smile:

I love this, I’ll definitely be signing up for the alpha! We currently have multiple ticketing workflows for different departments.

Hello Valerie,

We are in the exciting phase of developing a substantial software/SAAS product and are actively exploring CRM solutions to integrate with our system. has caught our attention due to its impressive flexibility and feature-rich platform, positioning it as a strong contender in our selection process.

That said, we face a critical decision-making juncture, especially considering the integration complexities and the current limitations in service capabilities we’ve encountered with Monday. The integration of an additional service helpdesk solution alongside presents potential challenges that we’re keen to navigate efficiently.

Could you provide any insights or a rough timeline regarding the enhancement of’s service product features?

Specifically, we’re looking for functionalities such as
-converting emails into tickets—a feature currently limited by’s integrations.

-Additionally, the ability to associate different email threads with corresponding tickets would significantly streamline our operations, as the default association mechanism does not always align with our needs.

-Moreover, the expansion of triggers and actions in response to external communications would greatly benefit our workflow.

Understanding that is in continuous development, any information about upcoming features or timelines would be immensely helpful for our planning purposes. We are considering multiple CRM solutions, and having a clear picture of’s roadmap could be pivotal in our decision-making process.

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Hello Valerie, any timeline on that? Rough idea.

Hi @Valerie, any resources that we can use (workspace, deck etc)?

I need access of it how i can have it ?

It is still in very early stages as far as I understand.