Workflows in Monday - I've seen instructions for them, when are they rolled out?

Has anyone else seen the Workflow feature? I’ve seen posts about it, but I don’t see it being rolled out… Anyone have anymore information on this?

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Hey Sam,

Great point.

At this time, the workflow builder is being gradually released to users, which is why you are yet to see it in your account. Whilst we can’t commit to an ETA of full release, do keep an eye out in your account. Thanks for your understanding!

Is there a way to have the beta version of Workflow builder?
We have found documentation, but impossible to have the feature in ouf account…
Thank you

Hey @Patrmg,

I have reached out to the product team in charge and will update you as soon as I hear back. Thanks for your patience :pray:

I would love if we could get in on the Beta as well!

Hi everyone,

I have heard back from our product team who confirmed that at this time, they’re no longer taking on new customers for the beta testing. They’re currently working on making the necessary improvements based off of the feedback provided by the testing group. I am awaiting more information on a full release and will update you accordingly. Thanks for your continued understanding!

Respectfully, this is ridiculous! We pay for the same tier that other customers do, yet we can’t take advantage of the same efficiencies gained by new features that are rolled out - despite the fact that we’ve opted in for beta features. I can respect R&D’s decision to roll things out in a Beta testing fashion to gather feedback and perfect features, but to say that this is inequitable would be an understatement. Get yourselves together, Monday!!

Has there been any updates on a potential release date for workflows?

Hi everyone! Whilst this may be subject to change, the team are aiming to have the workflow builder (beta version) released, by the end of the year. I appreciate the demand for this release, and am working with our product team to communicate the information I can. Please rest assured that when release details are confirmed, the community will be the first to know :raised_hands:

Hi Bianca, I’d like to point out the Workflow builder is already advertised as available to Standard plan subscribers, despite not actually being available. My clients have been quite confused over the instruction in this article not matching what they actually see.

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Hello Bianca,
Do you have news about the workflow builder?
When can we test it (beta version)?
Thank you for your help.

Thank you for flagging this Dylan and please extend our apologies to your clients! We have raised this with our team and requested the article be updated as the feature is not in-fact available to all accounts yet, it is still in testing phase at this stage. An ETA of full release will be shared when confirmed however the feature still requires fine-tuning and improvements before we can roll the feature out to all :pray:

Hey @Patrmg,

I am afraid we have closed the testing group at this stage, however we do aim to have the beta version released by the end of the year - as mentioned in my reply to Dylan, as soon as I have more information about the release, I will let you all know!

Hi Bianca,

Any update here? Will this be released soon?

Thank you


Hi there,

I am also super keen to get this rolled out on our account as soon as possible. Given we are now in 2024 (where is 2023 gone?!) - do we have any ETA on when it will be released to all accounts?


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Hey Ariane and @vjabbinante13,

Apologies for my delayed reply, I’ve been OOO :pray:

I’ve just requested an update ETA and will let you all know ASAP!


Hope you had a wonderful time off - and thanks for chasing this up for us!

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Thank you Ariane and to you too! :blush:

Our team aims to continue the release of the beta version of this feature by the end of January - if there are any changes I will circle back here!


Following up on this, is there any news as to the release? We’re also very keen to get access to the feature but it still doesn’t seem to be available yet.


Any updates on this Bianca, as we are now in Feb (how time flies!!)?

Thanks a lot!