Monday Workflow Builder

Will the new workflow builder include and / if functions for dropdown menus? We are very limited on what can be done based on the current options to choose from.

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@Julietteb can you review this please?

@BiancaT anything official on this? :slight_smile:

Hey Peta and Jordan,

Our workflow builder is still in its early staging and only in gradual release. Additionally, there are elements of it that are still being developed, so acknowledge that the feature limited at this point as its functionality is developed. When we have more updates to share, we will let you know! Thank you for your patience and understanding :pray:


Thank you for your patience!

I have spoken with the team who confirmed that there are plans in the near future to release a new conditions component with ability to add conditions like: And, Or, Is/is not, Contains/Not contains, etc…

Stay tuned :pray:


Hello Bianca,
Do you have a beta version of workflow builder?
Do you have new informations?
Thank you for your help.

Hey! Just replied to you here → Workflows in Monday - I've seen instructions for them, when are they rolled out? - #14 by BiancaT :slight_smile: