IF/ELSE function in Workflow is a start, but can't be the only feature at rollout

I’ll preface this by saying this is a general rambling about a product currently in Beta, and I’m aware Beta does not mean ready for release.

First, let me say I think the idea behind Workflows is fantastic. It’s much easier to build and control a board’s functionality with a visual workflow than the 200+ automations I currently have. (especially considering I can’t manually sort or organize these automations…a topic for another day)

That said, IF/ELSE cannot be the only workflow function available at release.

When a column, a status in particular, has a few options and there isn’t a true Yes/No answer, each of those options should be on the same horizontal plane in the workflow unless there needs to be another step added in between. What I mean is, currently, if I need the workflow to select between 2 options…X or Y…I need to create an IF/ELSE selecting X, build the rest of the workflow for that choice under “Yes”, and build the Y workflow under “No”.

The problem is, with each additional selection, the workflow builds another level down. Meaning if a status has 5 options, each of those 5 options is on a different level visually. If they’re all coming from the same field, they should all be on the same level.

In the above example, the 2 green fields come from the same status column. They should be on the same line.
The 5 blue fields come from the same status column so they should all be along the same horizontal plane on the line below the green, as they’re the next step in the process.
Same with the red fields.

I’m aware IF/ELSE is specific to Yes or No options. I can only assume that as this rolls out and is improved, additional options like IF, AND, & OR will become available…and hopefully those options aren’t 3 years away or this feature will only be useable about 10% of the time.