Integrations nested within automations with AND/OR IF/ELSE logic available

I did not see this one in the list so apologies if it is there. I would really like to be able to nest integration/s inside of automations with AND/OR or IF/ELSE logic to be able to create more complex and useable recipes.

Example 1:
When Status changes to something
Status changes to something

Then Run integration recipe.

Example 2:

IF Status changes to something
Run Integration Recipe 1
Run Integration Recipe 2

Yes!!! Im surprised a platform like this doesn’t have basic logic for it’s automations. would be so powerful if there was those options aviailble to use

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Hi Micah,

Unfortunately I haven’t seen these either. Our use case also requires multiple nesting and conditional logic in automations. I currently get by with adding multiple smaller automations (though doesn’t solve the case 100%)

Having worked in Smartsheet before I feel like I lost all the freedom with Monday. You can’t use formula effectively, automations are half baked, reports and dashboards lack many features, filters are too basic. Feels like all they care is looks and ignore functionality.

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Hi All - the new Workflows functionality should give us this functionality. It is being slowly rolled out in BETA release but it should be available soon.

Get started: monday workflows – Support

Hope this helps!