How to create conditional logic on integrations for

Hey all, integrations are great to easily get data in and out of the platform.

You can set up integrations such as

If Status changes to “X,” then Notify in “channel” of Slack.

We’ll call this “Status” in this example.

There’s not currently a native option to set up dependencies, such as only sending that message if a second status also has “Y,” but there is an easy work around using automations. We’ll call the column we want to create the conditional logic around “Status 2” in the example.

Create a second status column (can be hidden on the board view). We’ll call this “Delayed Status” in the example.

Step 1: Set up an automation using a custom recipe.

If “Status” changes to “X” AND “Status 2” is “Y,” change “Delayed Status” to “Z”

Step 2: Add your integration on “Delayed Status.”

If “Delayed Status” changes to Z, notify in Slack channel.

The effect is only notifying in the Slack channel if “Status 2” has a specific status. You can do this for most integrations allowing you to create conditional logic on all the integrations for

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Love it! The custom automation is a powerful tool when combining with integrations.