Enhance automations

The Automations, alondside with the formula column, is among the most powerful features in Monday.com. Sadly, it is too limited, despite the recent updates.
I would like to see implemented the following possibilities that would enhance their use:

  • the And only if condition that can be added in an automate should consider all column types: for example, it would be very useful to consider whether a column is empty or not and trigger the action if it is empty only: Date, Number, text…
  • the trigger When Status changes to something is too limited, we should be able to select multiple status values or get the possibility to have a OR condition: this would avoid to duplicate a same automation multiple times to cover all status values that matches the condition
  • the Formula column should be considered in the automations

Thanks for considering those proposals

Hey @Christophe,

Thank you for yours suggestions :pray:

We encourage you to add your vote to some of the existing automation feature requests out there, including the a ability to include the formula column into automations → Include formula columns in automation recipes :blush: