Automation: 'Enhancements' that will make automations more helpful

I am new to Monday. I have a paid subscription and I have bumped heads with limitations that make my processes cumbersome. Below are some things relating to automations that will help.

  • #1 - Apply new automation to a board. What currently happens is that the automation is on a ‘going forward’ basis.

  • #2 - When creating automations, allow the ‘exclude’ condition. For example, if a task status is Not XYZ, then do ABC.

  • #3 - Allow the ‘OR’ operator. For example, if Status is XYZ or UVW, then do ABC

  • #4 - I want to be able to remove a particular “Owner” from a task if it moves from one group to another. I can’t.

  • #5 - I want to be able to auto create subtasks for a recurring item.

  • #6 - I want to be able to create a copy of an item with a new due date when a condition is met. For example, every Friday, create task XYZ and add Y number of days to the due date.

  • #7 - I have an automation that says if 4 columns have the “Done” statuses, the change the main status to “Done” for example. The problem with that is that the “Done” statuses have to be set in a particular order otherwise the automation won’t run.