New automation condition: When column is empty

New automation condition: When column is empty :exclamation:

We’ve introduced a new condition in our automations, one that we think you’ll be very excited about.

Finally, you can set a condition to factor in whether a column is empty or not, enabling you to set reminders and notifications for situations where critical information is missing from columns :exclamation:

Whether you’re missing critical lead information or an email campaign asset - this new addition has got you covered :muscle:

Feedback - we want to hear it!


This will eliminate so much chaos and extra automation runs. I’m so excited, thank you!

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We are so happy to hear this Soroh - thanks for sharing your feedback :blush:

Definitely will use this for one of our boards. I’ll provide an update later on how beneficial it is.

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Is it “live”? I am in desperate need of this for one of my teams and am not finding it under Automations.
Jen H

This is great news, will solve alot of issues we are having when the status colunms ate left blank, which we use for our shopfloor processes.

Is there a way we can get the automation to look at three status colunms and only send an notification if at least one is filled?

What you’re asking, which I would really want as well, is having “or” for the conditions rather than “and”. Such as if a is blank or b is blank or c is blank.


Hey Jen - it’s live as a condition when building a custom automation. Let me know if you run into further issues here! :slight_smile:

I like this idea and hear where you’re coming from! At this time, if I am understanding correctly, you’d need to set up a few automations to cater for the different states of the status columns - i.e. when status 1 is empty but status 2 is not, etc…

I understand this is a tedious process, so appreciate you raising this as feedback :pray:

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Amazing news - we love this! Is the plan to also roll this out for subitems too?

@BiancaT Best news of the week ! Thanks a lot and add more and more functionalities on automation please :pray:

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Checking on this for you Mari - stay tuned!

Update: At this time, supporting subitems for this condition isn’t on out immediate roadmap, but I will do my best to advocate for this to be considered Mari!

Update: Check my latest reply for a new update - subitems will soon be supported :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t work with Column File: so not so good for us

Thanks Bianca!

If anyone is in the same boat - For our use, we’ve set an automation to mark something as ‘doing’ if it’s completed without values in a number column. As a workaround for subitems we’ve had to set an initial automation that sets the time to 0, triggered by a column change that is mainly used at the start of any work to avoid it wiping anything throughout. Seems to work okay for now, but the ideal is of course the empty column automation condition :smile:

Great idea, wouldnt it make sense that the “ghost” status is added to the column settings ie -“incomplete” (this wouldnt show as a selectable status option) so that shows as a ghost status in the automations? The columns would still look empty but for automation purposes would be handy?

Hey @Mariolsen - I have an exciting update! The developers have actually just confirmed that we can support subitems and will do so in the coming weeks - yay! Stay tuned!

like Soroh Donn reacted to your message:

I would love to have that. Now, I need to rename the “ghost” status in order to use it as a condition.

Ahh, amazing news. Thanks Bianca! :smile:

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looks promising! thanks

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