Automated Status change based on Column empty/not empty

Hi There … I am trying to make an Automation that changes from one predefined status to another predefined status based on if a specific column has content or not …

any ideas ?

kind regards Nils

Hey @nmalexandersen,

Good question! We don’t have an automation exactly like this at the moment. Is there any chance you could elaborate on the use case on this one?

Have you thought about using an IF formula function to give a formula output if a column is empty?



Going off what Talia mentioned, my first thought is a simple two step combination of Formula column and the following automation:
Instead of “greater than” you can change that variable to “equal to”.


Unfortunately Monday doesn’t currently support the use of the formula column in Automations. So you will need to employ General Caster to send the result of the IF formula to a numbers column before it can be picked up by the formula.

Using an variant of the this formula:


This will give you a “1” if the field you are watching is blank, and a “2” if not. Then you create two copies of the automation, one for “1” and one for “2” changing the status to your desired settings. Replace {item.text} with the column you want to watch.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need more info.