General Caster Formula Not Working


I have a automation set “if colum status changes to anything, perform formula and ourput result to email colum”

But when I change the colum nothing happens.

Here is my formula:

IF({item's AM Support}="Test 1","",
IF({item's AM Support}="Test 2","",
IF({item's AM Support}="Test 3","",

Does anyone have any ideas as to why its not working, if my formula wrong?

I have just realised that when I click into the email field and it pops up the little box to enter a email address, it auto populates it with the email in my forumula…

But this is no use, I need it to actually enter the data into the colum.

Does anyone have a solution?

Hi @fisheyes - I haven’t used General Caster with Email columns before, however Text columns can also hold email addresses and be used by integrations/automations to send emails.

This may be a roundabout way to resolve this.