Formulas and using general caster as a work around

Hello! I am looking for help with a formula and the work around with general caster. I have built out a formula in Monday that works, but I didn’t realize you couldn’t then pulse it in an email in outlook (I know many people are waiting for this feature within Monday!). I have tried Zapier as a work around with no success and now I’m trying general caster. I was hoping it could just take the result of a formula column and cast it into a text column, but the formula has to be built into ‘general caster language’. Based on the video I made the following changes to the two formulas but it gives the #NAME result as opposed to a value which its giving in my Monday formula.

I am using the 'this column changes, perform formula and cast into column integration: version (working)

IF(OR({Crop Type}=“Canary, Flax, Forage, Oats, Potatoes, sugar Beets, Wheat, Barley, Rye”,{Crop Type}=“Mixed Grains & Legume”,{Crop Type}=“Field Corn, Sunflowers”,{Crop Type}=“Canola”),{Co op 2022}*1,IF(OR({Crop Type}=“Peas”,{Crop Type}=“Sweet Corn”),{Co op 2022}*2,IF(OR({Crop Type}=“Lentils”,{Crop Type}=“Soybeans”),{Co op 2022}*1.5,IF(OR({Crop Type}=“Mustard”,{Crop Type}=“Borage”,{Crop Type}=“Chickpeas”,{Crop Type}=“Buckwheat”),{Co op 2022}*2.5,IF(OR({Crop Type}=“Other Beans”),{Co op 2022}*1.75,IF(OR({Crop Type}=“Fescue, millet, seed grass, Timothy, rye grass, brome grass”,{Crop Type}=“Clover”,{Crop Type}=“Alfalfa”),{Co op 2022}*3,""))))))

General caster version (not working)

IF(OR({item’s Crop Type}=“Canary, Flax, Forage, Oats, Potatoes, sugar Beets, Wheat, Barley, Rye”,{item’s Crop Type}=“Mixed Grains & Legume”,{item’s Crop Type}=“Field Corn, Sunflowers”,{item’s Crop Type}=“Canola”),{item’s Co op 2022}*1,IF(OR({item’s Crop Type}=“Peas”,{item’s Crop Type}=“Sweet Corn”),{item’s Co op 2022}*2,IF(OR({item’s Crop Type}=“Lentils”,{item’s Crop Type}=“Soybeans”),{item’s Co op 2022}*1.5,IF(OR({item’s Crop Type}=“Mustard”,{item’s Crop Type}=“Borage”,{item’s Crop Type}=“Chickpeas”,{item’s Crop Type}=“Buckwheat”),{item’s Co op 2022}*2.5,IF(OR({item’s Crop Type}=“Other Beans”),{item’s Co op 2022}*1.75,IF(OR({item’s Crop Type}=“Fescue, millet, seed grass, Timothy, rye grass, brome grass”{item’s Crop Type}=“Clover”,{item’s Crop Type}=“Alfalfa”),{item’s Co op 2022}*3,""))))))

I carefully deleted the Monday pulses and replaces with the GC pulses, what am I doing wrong?? I’m trying everything to get this work around working.

Hi @rob, it was recommended to me by Mark at Green Llamas to reach out to you on this issue. Any chance you could help? My direct email is

Hi @Janice_Graydon
Please contact us at

Keep in mind that we won’t provide support on formulas creation.

I suggest you to start with a simple formula casting the result into a Text column, that accepts any values regardless of the format.
Then add complexity to your formula.
Once the result is casted as expected and the format is correct, change the destination column in your GC integration.