I need help with a Formula

Hello all good people

I need some help compiling a formula inside Monday and General caster

I need to cook together an IF statement that does something like this …

I already have a formula (F1) that combines two items into one (Concatinate) and the result is a mix of letters and numbers (I.e. MSUB12000013 and AA = MSUB12000013AA

The number of letters and digits are supposed to be 14

So the IF statement I am looking for is something like

IF “Formula 1” creates a result with 14 numbers and digits then display the result of "Formula 1, or else display nothing …

Hope some formula wiz can assist me with this

Kind regards Nils



Thanks a lot. JCorrell … I guess I have done something wrong, because it will not react … The formula lives inside General Caster, and is triggered by a status change.

IF (LEN( { CONCATENATE ({item.text1},{item.status_11}) } =14, { CONCATENATE ({item.text1},{item.status_11}) },"" )


I don’t know about General Caster. But, from a formula standpoint, try this:

IF( LEN( CONCATENATE( {item.text1}, {item.status_11}) = 14, CONCATENATE( {item.text1},{item.status_11}), "" )

Thanks a lot for your reply. The Automation still produces nothing, and I have checked that General Caster is working … my problem is… I need to combine the values of two columns into one combined value, and then make this combined value the name of a new iten in another board … But … Monday will not let me use Formulas as a source when when using he Create item in new board when … logic. Do you have any alternative way of achieving this ?

Kind regards Nils

Hey @nmalexandersen, that’s right that you can’t create items with names involving formulas. If you write to support@monday.com and elaborate on your use case, then we can take a closer look and see if there are any workarounds we can offer!

Thanks a lot for your help. :). Kind regards Nils