Formula works on, but not in General Caster

Hi there,

I’m having issues making a formula work in a General Caster automation (“When column changes, perform formula and cast result to column”) even though it works just fine in I receive an error message whenever General Caster attempts to run the formula. Here’s the formula I’m using - again, it works well in the columns, but not in the General Caster.

FORMAT_DATE((WORKDAY({Request Date},{Estimated Business Days})),“MMM DD”)

Thanks in advance for help troubleshooting this!

Hi Madeleine,

There is some documentation regarding differences between and General Caster’s formatting here: General Caster > Documentation

Based on that documentation, I would rewrite your formula as follows:

TEXT((WORKDAY({item's Request Date},{item's Estimated Business Days})),"MMM DD")

Let me know if that works!

This worked perfectly, thank you for the help!

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