Using formulas to update status?

I’ve sent 7 emails to Monday and they haven’t gotten back to me, so I’ll try my luck here instead.

I want to use conditional formatting (similar to sheets or excel) but it isn’t available. So let’s say I have col A and col B as numbers, and a Status column.

If B is more than A, update the Status column to “Done”.

This works for normal formula columns where the formula I have is
this works well, but there’s no colors.

If I use a formula column to update another column called “Status” (now we have col A, col B, Formula, and Status), like:
With this, I can change the color of the status based on the value…
But I got an error saying: "Status" creates a circular dependency.

How do I fix this?

I think you cant change a status column from a formula column.
I have requested this too. As well as custom automations…


Thanks for your reply. That’s unfortunate to hear. Let me try and find your request and upvote it.

Hey @zack thanks for writing in here! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting in touch with our team - can you check your spam folder for our responses? We also often see that sometimes security restrictions can block emails from coming through – can you whitelist the following emails?

As for the status / formula, @hlopezvc is correct. At this time, there is no way to change a status via the use of an formula, though I will pass this along!

Also, custom automations should be coming soon! Keep an eye out :slight_smile:


Is there any timeline when the custom automations will be out? I’ll take something as broad as the beginning or middle of next year.

Hey @cfraticelli our goal is for sometime in the early new year (q 1) but it is going to be a very basic release at first (the automations will be simple) and grow from there!


Okay!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

You’re very welcome!!

I also would like to see flexibility for formula fields to modify a status column. In my use case, I am checking 7 different components within a pulse to ensure they contain expected values. If all 7 are completed, then I want to set the status to done. If one or more of the 7 are not complete, then I want to set the status to an in progress state.


I’d also like a formula to be able to update a Status!!
Also would like custom automations…



Apologies if this has already been asked for - I can’t see that it has.

I need to take a 3 * 3 scoring and rate as high, medium & low in a status column:

a) Quality of service 1 to 3
b) Price 1 to 3
c) Quality of product 1 to 3

Formula to add (a) + (b) +© = score
=<3 = Low; >3=<6 = Medium; > 6 = High

Ideally also a 5 * 5 scoring.


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I’d also like a formula colum to be able to update a status - can I upvotethis somewhere ?

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Hello any updates to go a higher level with custom recipes?


Is there any update on when this functionality will go live?



I know custom automations is now active. You can adjust status’ based on a column changing. This only kindof works. If the column changes then you can change a status field to something. What I need and I think this thread is talking about is the ability to change a status column based on the results of a formula. Many integrations (Zendesk, Trello, Zoom, Jot Form (to name a few)) bring in the values as text. We need to then be able to “trigger” workflows from changes to those values. This is currently not possible (without API and custom code/services). When I have a field in Trello (or any of those previously mentioned integrations) change in value I would like to be able to change a status column to reflect. If the field that comes in changes from red to green to blue, to orange I would like to evaluate the change and change a status column accordingly thus triggering some of the great workflow possibilities available in The current implementation of custom automations fall just short here. The only thing I would be able to do as the text field changes is have a status column change to a single result. Not very helpful.