How do I update a status column with a formula

Hi Guys,

I’m struggling to create a formula that will change the Priority column based on the number contained on Effort and Impact.
If Impact is 4 and Effort is 1, change priority to Urgent.
If Impact is 4 and Effort is >2, change priority to High.
If Impact is 3 and Effort is 1, change priority to High.
etc - how can I do that?


up - still trying to figure out how I can create that formula.


There is no way in base monday to use a formula to update a status column. I see 3 options.

  1. If the purpose of the column is for display only, you can simulate a status column with formulas such as:
SWITCH({Impact}&{Effort},"41","⬛⬛ Urgent ⬛⬛","43","🟥🟥 High 🟥🟥","11","🟦🟦 Low 🟦🟦","ERROR")

or (If you choose the following method, you could use nested IF statements but unless you are a programmer type, I recommend against it.)

IF(AND({Impact}="4",{Effort}="1"),"⬛⬛ Urgent ⬛⬛","") & IF(AND({Impact}="4",{Effort}>"2"),"🟥🟥 High 🟥🟥","")
  1. Use Integromat or similar to update the status column when either of the other columns is changed.
  2. You might be able “General Caster”, a app in the marketplace, to update the status based on a formula. You would need to check with the CG developers for more info on that.

Got it from the first solution, thank you!

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