Updating Status with Formula

Is there any possible way to update a Status column when a formula updates? I have a formula that tells me one of 3 things:

  • Met Target
  • Met 50% or More
  • Has Not Met 50%

I would really love for this formula to automatically update my status’ so I don’t have to manually update them all.

I was told that the “General Caster” ap could help but I have been unsuccessful using it.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Hi @jgore - General Caster should do it for you. Maybe share your formula from GC and we can assist?


The formula I tried to use, was actually from a formula column that I’ve built in monday.com, which is based off of several mirror columns.

Thanks @jgore - that certainly complicates things with mirror columns. Are all the mirrored columns coming from the same board or different ones? Just thinking of options…