General Caster workaround - Using formula results to update status?

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to set up live stock management, and so I have the ‘Existing Stock’ number column, and mirrored columns from my ‘Goods-In’ board and my ‘Calloff’ board. The ‘Live stock’ column is a simple SUM formula which adds incoming stock, subtracts outgoing stock.

I’m aware of the current formula limitations with Monday, and so am desperately trying to find a workaround in order to update Status depending on the Live Stock column.

Because I use mirrored columns, General Caster does not recognise these as triggers for the ‘when a column changes, do X’ integration.

Does anybody have any experience with a similar problem, or an idea of how this might be solved?


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I had a similar situation where I needed to use mirror column values in formula’s or to trigger a status. You can use General Caster to do this by setting up a separate column and having General Caster cast the mirror column value to this new column then use the new column to trigger your formula or automation.

For example, set up a new number column and call it “Goods-In GC” or something. Set up an integration with General caster using the recipe “When Goods-In changes, perform formula and cast result to Goods-In GC.” The formula would simply be “{Goods_IN}”.

This will take your “Goods-In” value and cast it to the “Goods-In GC” column. Then you can reference this column for your automations and formulas. The “Goods-In GC” column can be hidden then so it doesn’t clutter up your board.

I’m sure there are other and maybe better ways to do this, but this worked for me.

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Hi, thanks for replying. Though I’m not sure this works for my situation, as the recipe you suggest still references the ‘Goods-In’ column, which because it is a mirror, GC does not recognise as a trigger. Please let me know if I have misunderstood.

No, you understood correctly. I’m not sure what i’m doing different, but GC allows me to reference a mirror column as a trigger and in the casting formula.

The first image shows my column headers, and you can see that Vendor is a mirrored column and Prob Vend is a mirrored column. I am pulling these from a vendors board. The GC formula takes the Prob Vend column and casts it to PV column. This result is then used in an automation for notifications.

The second image shows my recipe in GC.

I am using the free version of GC, but not sure what else I may be doing different.

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Looks like I will have to investigate further then! It seems that what you are doing is exactly what I’m looking for, so I will maybe have to ask GC why I am struggling. Thanks again for your help.

So I just discovered something. The Vendors column is a connected boards column, not a mirror. So the trigger for my recipe in GC is not a mirror column after all. The formula is referencing a mirror column though, I have verified this. Hope this helps.

Hi. I have not tryied this yet, but i belive that Autoboost App can help you with this.

Perhaps you should try it

I have used Autoboost for a few clients and it works well, however it could really use an intermediate price point based on usage. It’s free or expensive…no in-between.

Thanks for the suggestion - I will give it a try.