Use mirror column in a formula

Hello everyone,

I would like to use a formula that verifies if there is a data in a mirror column.

It seems that is not possible. do you have any workaround ?

I have also tried with an automation (when mirror column is updated, update another column) but I cannot also do this.

Does anyone have any suggestions about this use case ?

Thank you for your time,


Have you tried using General Caster? General Caster

Hello @PatrickM

Thank you for the answer. I am not sure that I will be able to use a third party application as I thought that we could do that natively in Monday. I will try this option anyway.

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hi @correntin.dalfarra,
Was General Caster an option for you based on what you were trying to accomplish?
If not, I’m wondering if you could tell us more about the usecase. Are you trying to determine if the cell is empty or not empty, or if it changes from one value to another?

Specifically for mirrored statuses, our automation “When status changes to something, change another status to something” will work to help you change one value based on a mirrored value, but I believe that is the only option that will track changes from one value to another. Happy to help validate whether this is an option for you or not!

Hi @ruchitade

Thank you for your answer.

Here is the use case :

  1. I have a board with a list of items (video content to produce)
  2. For each item, I have a mirror column (URL link) linked with another board dedicated to the production of the video
  3. When the video is achieved, people from the other board add a URL link, and the mirror column put back the URL link in my board.
  4. I would like that each time I have an item with the URL link mirror column filled, I have a formula column just next to it that count 1 if it is filled, 0 if it is empty.
  5. I can’t do these calculations on the other board, that is why I would need to be able to count the number of videos achived directly on my board, by checking the content of the cell and put 1 or 0.

I hope that the use case is more clear, do not hesitate If you need additional information. Thank you again for your help,