Apply formulas to mirror columns from other boards


I’m trying to do some formulas using mirror columns from other boards, is this possible?


Hey! Yes it certainly is possible to use mirrored columns in a formula column. Let us know if you run into any issues getting this set up :slight_smile:

Hello, I’ve been able to do some formulas with mirror columns from the same board, but if I use a mirror column in another board my formulas doesn’t work

Hm, would you be happy to send over a screenshot so I can take a look at the error/roadblock? :pray:

Hello Bianca,

I already solved this, I was dividing by 0 on the original column therefore when I was trying to mirror the column I was having errors. I also found the solution on how to avoid errors when diving by 0 with the community forum.

Thank you very much!

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Ah thank you for letting me know, glad to hear you were able to get this sorted!