Referencing formula across boards returns "Unsupported column type: 'lookup'''

On board A (containing client contract information), I used a formula to calculate the mean hourly rate across all running contracts for each client. Now I would like to use this hourly rate on Board B (project database).

To achieve this, I created a mirror column on board B, referencing the formula column from board A. What I get is a red exclamation mark in every row, with the information “Unsupported column type: ‘lookup’”.

Am I doing something wrong, or is mirroring of formula columns not supported? In the latter case, it would be great to a) work on making this possible and b) hiding formula columns from the column picker when connecting boards.

Hey Tobias,

Utilisiing Formula Columns within a Mirror Column counts as an additional layer of mirroring, and at this stage if there are 3+ levels of mirroring it is expected to see the error message. Can you clarify how many levels of mirroring is occurring in this instance? :pray:

Hi Bianca,

thanks for your spot-on reply! You were right, I was operating at level 3.

Of course it would be great if I weren’t able to select the mirror column in the formula editor when levels have been reached.

Also, needless to say, please increase the level. Pulling data in from another board so I can use it in a formula already puts us at level 3, meaning that this way, formulas can never access data from another board.

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Thank you for clarifying Tobias! I will be checking in with our team about this to understand what our plans are to support mirroring beyond 3 levels. I will update you once I have information to share :pray:

Update: At this stage, we do not have concrete plans to support beyond 3-levels of mirroring in the near future. That said, if anything changes, you’ll hear it here first!