Formulas with Mirrored Columns from Different Boards and Subitems

I would like for formulas to allow for calculations between a mirrored column that sums data from two linked boards and a mirror column that sums data from all attached subitems. As of right now when I try to use this functionality I get an error message that says “Unsupported column type: lookup”. Being able to do these simple calculations that are possible in excel would eliminate team members having to input redundant data in Monday and streamline our tracking processes.

Hey @m_s!

Just to clarify:

  • You have 2 boards linked in one connect boards column and a mirror column that is pulling data from the connected boards correct? If so is this data pulling from a mirrored numbers column or formula column?
  • Additionally, you are mirroring subitem values into the parent item - correct? Your overall goal is to calculate between the mirror column (attached to the connect boards column) and the mirrored subitem data?

Please let me know if I have understood correctly as I have tested this on my end and have been able to successfully formulate between the two columns :pray:

If possible, feel free to send a screenshot of your set up and letting me know the column types so I can be sure I’m on the same page!

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Hi Bianca! Thanks for checking this out for me.

  1. I have two boards linked in a column. The mirrored column is pulling information from I believe mirrored numbers columns.

  2. I am mirroring subitem values into the parent item. These subitem values are also mirrored number values from different linked items. The goal is to calculate the difference between the total value of our agreement and the amount we’ve paid out in invoices so far. I’ve attached some screenshots with the type of columns I’m currently using.